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For face and body

hydrating emollient hand cream

Wild Rose for the protection and softness of your hands.

day cream

The vibration of Agrimony Flowers for a glowing face.

anti-wrinkle cream* with coenzyme q10

Olive Flower to slow the passing of time.

night face cream<br> with vitamins

Relax and soften your skin with Oak Flower while you are sleeping.

cleasing lotion

Delicate Mimulus to cleanse gently.

face tonic

Mimulus to tone and renew your skin delicately.

peeling lotion

Wild Rose to re-discover energy in the skin.

moisturizer for the body

The sweet scent of Honeysuckle fights against aging of the body.

anti-cellulite lotion*

Invigorate your body with the strength of Rock Water.

sports massage cream

Rock Rose to increase energy and strength.

lenicrema for very dry skin

Wild Oat Flower for a nourishing and softening effect on your skin.

moisturising after sun lotion

Impatiens flower remedy to soothe negative effects caused by sun exposure.

gel for legs and feet

Magical relief for legs thanks to the energy of the Willow.

cleasing deodorant for feet

Scleranthus Flower to relieve tiredness from legs and feet.

personal hygiene

The softness of Crab Apple Flower to restore deep naturalness.

relaxing bath foam

White Chestnut Flower brings calm and peace to everyday hectic life.

regenerating shower foam

Even when you feel exhausted, Elm Flower will reinvigorate you physically and mentally

sport shower shampoo

With Centaury Flower energy to give strength and wellbeing to your body.

anti-dandruff shampoo

The energy of Vervain Flower to restore scalp balance and delicately clean the skin.

shampoo conditioner

The energy of Vervain Flower to restore scalp balance and delicately clean the skin.

delicate baby cleasing

The softness of Chicory to protect naturally.

aromatik oil

Discover oil essences with Pine Flower.

no-gas deodorant

Water Violet flower remedy to keep the right skin balance.